Stevenage Computer Services
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Support Enquiries -
Hardware Problems

Your computer is running slow

A peripheral does not work as it should anymore (such as printer, keyboard, mouse, cd-writer etc)

You have problems with your mouse/keyboard

You are considering buying a new computer / peripherals or upgrading

Software Problems

Your computer is running slow

Windows won't boot-up

Errors are displayed when using Windows

You need help using an application

Networking Problems

You can't connect to the Internet

Your internet connection is slow/unresponsive

You want to set up a home network

Virus / Spyware Problems

You think you have a Virus

Your Anti-Virus software won't update

Your Anti-Virus software has expired

You need some Spyware/Adware detection software

Most problems are identified within the hour.

Please note - we cannot reload operating systems, or software unless you have the original installation CDs.
We can purchase these on your behalf, but the full cost of purchase will be passed on to you.